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Marketing Manager
Full Time
2 applicants
posted almost 2 years ago

Job Description

Liberty's marketers are hired for their attitude. As a leader in guerrilla marketing tactics our marketers reach out to neighboring businesses by delivering coupons along with goodie baskets to encourage new business relationships. We attend community events, handing out crowns and coupons, visit day care centers and host special event roadside parties and in-store promotions, often partnered with local charities, where we give away hot dogs, popcorn, hot chocolate and more.


Our marketers' daily routines are anything but dull. The job of establishing our franchisees in their communities is an important one. Whether our marketer's duties include teaching day care students about the Statue of Liberty or managing the office's marketing team, creating an atmosphere of making taxes fun is paramount for making our customers feel welcome and our franchisees successful.

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